SELEGGT GmbH has developed a worldwide unique, patented method for sex determination in hatching eggs. This will prevent the killing of millions of male day-old chicks in the future. Anyone who tries something like this is particularly keen to create transparency for the consumer.


For this reason, the company SELEGGT, together with YOUKI, has developed a block-chain-based method for checking the supply chain. This is to ensure that the eggs "without chick killing" really come from a production "without chick killing".

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As soon as the hatching eggs arrive at the hatchery, the Blockchain method is used to check the correctness of the delivery and origin of the hatching eggs. The hatching eggs are counted and registered using a special app which SELEGGT makes available to all supply chain participants. Whether hatchery, rearing, laying farm or packing centre - all participants in the supply chain follow the same rules and are obliged to enter the data into the blockchain-based network via app at fixed times.


All information is updated indefinitely, is visible to every participant forever and can be checked at any time. As soon as the system detects an error or incorrect information, the facts are checked.

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