Blockchain and Food?

The food value chain in agriculture is a very important area that concerns us all as consumers. Food safety and quality assurance are becoming increasingly difficult in times of growing global commodity flows. In particular, food traceability is a major challenge for retailers, wholesalers, resellers and government agencies.


The reasons for this range from the detection of simple but harmless changes to the detection of hazardous substances, bacteria or viruses. It also involves verifying the authenticity of foodstuffs, for example the correct indication of geographical origin, variety or cultivation. Such quality parameters justify higher prices and are therefore often the focus of food fraudsters.


With blockchain technology, we support the traceability of food chains because data can be stored invariably and rapid tracing across all process steps is possible. About data integrity of production data that ensures tamper resistance, immutability, trust, transparency and complete traceability of stored transaction records for the entire agricultural value chain.