Blockchain and Mobility?


Blockchain can offer exciting opportunities for old and new business models in the mobility sector. Intelligent contracts could optimize and automate various processes in the field of vehicle leasing and financing. For example, deactivating the unlocking system can prevent cars from being used whose leasing instalments have not yet been paid.

Blockchain technology could provide a secure digital identity for car sharing. A one-time registration in the Blockchain ecosystem Carsharing can be used for all car sharing offers of different service providers in the ecosystem. The opening and closing of vehicles can also be facilitated by the blockchain. With an intelligent contract, the access and usage rights of vehicles could be easily managed.


Further functions such as local and time restrictions that allow P2P car sharing can be implemented. The rights can then be assigned to anyone who participates in this open blockchain ecosystem.


Sharing Economy and Blockchain, a sensible combination for the mobility infrastructure. Electricity filling stations for example connect their stations with the blockchain and allow easy billing, a possibility to integrate private charging stations without any problems.