Blockchain and Farming?

Under the broad term of "Precision Livestock Farming", farms are already supported today by continuous automated real-time monitoring of production parameters, animal health and welfare and environmental influences. The resulting information for the farm is already far-reaching:
- Improvement of animal health and welfare with reduced use of antibiotics and treatment costs,
- increased productivity and product quality and less adverse environmental impact.


In addition, there are a large number of ongoing projects using IoT sensors to achieve early diagnosis of health problems such as mastitis, lameness and metabolic diseases or improvements in the detection of oestrus, pregnancy and calving. Sensors for tracking feed intake and feed conversion as well as for ruminants and metabolism will be implemented to better manage the cow's nutrition.


The work usually aims at the integration of several different sensors and data sources into a central system in order to show the farmer information and action points in real time in order to provide a decision basis that is as accurate as possible.


With blockchain technology, we can distribute the generated added value along the supply chain and reimburse it financially.