Blockchain and Public?


Trading CO2 certificates is not new. Successful certificate trading requires a common CO2 accounting system with reliable processes on the basis of which greenhouse gas inventories (both national and international registries) as well as the tracking, subtraction and addition of certified emission reductions are compiled.


This means that we must all provide credible data. However, the "monitoring" and "reporting" of greenhouse gases depend on trust in a complex network of operator or supplier data, leading to emission data based largely on mathematical calculations.


Independent "third-party reviews" can be helpful, but cannot provide a complete guarantee of reliable monitoring and reporting of emissions data. Blockchain can save an enormous amount of manpower and financial resources currently spent on paperwork or administrative procedures, significantly improving the efficiency of many emissions trading schemes. As YOUKI, we believe that this technology will be used in emissions trading schemes.


That's why we're already storing the CO2 savings from our liquefied power plants today for future emissions management.