Turnkey Blockchain Infrastructure
- especially for the needs of industry
and economy.

If you are dealing with blockchain for the first time, at some point you will ask yourself the question: Which blockchain solution is the right one for me? A decentralized, public blockchain with a smart contract platform and a virtual machine? Or a private blockchain in the central cloud of a large software vendor or Internet company? Or a completely separate blockchain that you can run on your own servers?


YOUKI offers you the solution: a turnkey, completely decentralized blockchain infrastructure as a service. With YOUKI you can configure and operate your own blockchain, tailored to your individual use, in no time at all. The highlight: With the YOUKI Node Network, YOUKI provides a decentralized computer network based on certified energy network hardware. These devices operate your blockchain and are distributed throughout Germany and soon worldwide. Another decentralized service is the consensus procedure in the YOUKI network, which, like the hardware, meets the highest IT security standards.